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PBH History

Leticia Goodrich founded Amarillo Area Breast Health Coalition (AABHC) with a group of cancer-related agencies and hospitals. The Coalition’s first mission was to integrate services, identify and fill gaps in services, and improve access to clinical services. Initially, AARP funded effects to educate older women and their doctors about Medicare paying for screening mammograms. Coalition members placed table cards encouraging mammograms in fast-food restaurants and beauty shops.

In 1995, AABHC sponsored its first formal educational program, Modeling the Cure, which featured breast cancer survivors. This program traveled to communities throughout the Panhandle for more than six years.. Another program, Hats Off to Breast Cancer Myths, uses characters wearing vintage hats to address breast cancer myths.

In 2007, Bra Talk began with the purpose of supporting breast cancer survivors through art.  Bra Talk includes art bra workshops and exhibits. WISE Woman started in 2009 to reach women with information and access to screening services. The program targets diverse populations and includes medically underserved and uninsured women. AABHC changed its name to Panhandle Breast Health (PBH) in October 2016.

Leticia Goodrich retired at the end of 2021. A Board of Directors, along with Executive Director Judy Neill, continues PBH’s efforts through Education, Detection and Support. In 2021, PBH received a grant from the Ryan Palmer Foundation to fund no-cost mammograms for uninsured women over the age of 40.

Meet the Team


Jordan Pride

Gemma Mitchell

Allison Roberts

Skyler Mueller

Keller Kennedy

Sandie Firestone Mares


Don Nicholson

Mary Schooler

Mary Sweeney

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