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Fighting Cancer in the Texas Panhandle

Panhandle Breast Health (PBH) is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing breast cancer deaths in the Texas Panhandle by:

  • Promoting early detection: PBH emphasizes the importance of regular cancer screenings, including mammograms for breast cancer, as a crucial part of women's healthcare.

  • Providing access to screenings: PBH offers no-cost mammograms to uninsured residents.

  • Educating the community: PBH works with volunteers to raise awareness about breast health and the importance of screenings.

  • Partnering with healthcare providers: PBH collaborates with BSA Harrington Breast Center and Pampa Regional Medical Center to offer screening services.

Here's a summary of our key services:

  • Free mammograms for uninsured women: You can apply directly through the website.

  • Educational resources:  Contact PBH for educational materials or to request a presentation for your organization.

  • Collaboration with healthcare providers: PBH partners with other organizations to provide screening services. We recommend Haven Health Clinics and Get F.I.T. to Stay Fit for additional cancer screenings.

Supporting PBH:

  • Volunteer: PBH relies on volunteers to help educate the community.

  • Donate:  Financial contributions help PBH continue their mission. 

By providing resources and raising awareness, Panhandle Breast Health plays a vital role in the fight against cancer in the Texas Panhandle.

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