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Who can model?

Models are living testimonies to the work of PBH and its partners and as such need to be able to speak to what PBH has done for them personally and/or for the women in our community/area. Knowledge of PBH and how to represent the organization in a positive light is paramount to the success of our show. The opportunity to model is first offered to those who have been associated with PBH in some significant way, secondly, to new friends as of January 2020, and lastly to breast cancer survivors who, though not associated with PBH earlier, are active members of our community and strongly wish to participate.

I'd like to model but I am not a size 4! May I still model?

Absolutely! Our models come in all sizes, shapes, ethnicities, age, and even gender! Our art bras reflect this diversity and our Alterations Committee will help ensure your assigned art bra fits you well! We will also have a team of some of Amarillo’s best hair and makeup professionals attending to you on the day of the show to make sure you look and feel your absolute best!

Can I choose not to model on the runway?

PBH reserves the right to decide which art bras will be featured on the runway. We hope all models are willing to walk the runway. However, we will never make a model walk the runway if he or she at the time of the event does not feel comfortable doing so.

When will I know if I'm a model for this year's show?

We will notify you via email sometime on or before the first week of July.

As a model, do I have to raise the minimum amount of money?

Yes, all models are expected to obtain at least $250 in donations by securing a sponsorship, selling four (4) tickets to the BLBW event or selling "Opportunity to Win" tickets. You may choose to use an online personal fundraising page. If you wish, you will be assisted in the creation of this page by members of the Model Committee and PBH staff. PBH will also provide training and ongoing support to ensure your personal fundraising success!

Do I have to buy a ticket to BLBW? Does my husband, significant other or friend need a ticket?

If you are serving as a model for the show, you do NOT need to buy a ticket. You will receive one additional ticket for a guest of your choice. Other friends and family will need to purchase tickets because this is a fundraiser for a charitable cause.

Can I make my own Art Bra?

Yes, you can! However, please keep in mind ALL art bras will be judged by a panel of art and fashion professionals from the Amarillo area who will determine which art bras will be featured in the show. If you decide to also participate in BLBW as an artist, please complete the Model Application Form and all Artist required forms.

I'd like to work with a specific artist to create my Art Bra. Is this possible?

Yes, absolutely! However, please keep in mind ALL art bras will be judged by a panel of art and fashion professionals from the Amarillo area, who will determine which art bras will be featured in the show. Once approved, your art bra will be set aside during our Model Fittings event to prevent other models from trying it on.

I'm not creative. How do I put together a costume?

Not to worry! PBH staff, the Model and Costume Committees will work with each Art Bra Model to help design the costuming and theme for each art bra. In early September, PBH will schedule costume consultation appointments for all the models (location to be determined and announced later). Dedicated members of our Model Committee and Costume Committee will assist in all costume ideas, development, selections, alterations and other needs.

I can't afford to rent or buy a costume. What can I do?

If you are concerned with costuming costs, please advise a PBH staff member, and we will do our best to assist you. Our Costume Committee or Model Committee may help locate costume assets and arrange for costume development or borrowing.

How are models paired with their Art Bra?

PBH will invite models on a specific Friday or Saturday to try on art bras. During this “fitting” we will take photos of you in the art bras you like. When you are finished trying on bras, we will ask you to review the photos and select your top 3-5. A panel will decide which bra you will wear. Because we want you to feel comfortable, our goal is to assign you to one of your top choices.

Can an Art Bra be altered to fit my body?

Some art bras can be altered, but it depends on the bra, what materials it is made of and what alterations are needed. Remember, these aren’t just clothes, they are works of art.

When trying on a bra, can I take a picture of myself wearing it?

Yes, you are welcome to take photos of yourself in the bras for personal use only – such as to help you find costuming accessories later. However, please do not post any photos of the art bras to any social media sites or share them in any way until after the BLBW event.

What are the pre-show activities this year?

Pre-show activities include: Model Fittings, Model School, Costume Clinic, Artist & Model Mingle and Model School Refresher (optional). Of course, models will need to allow time on the day of the event for makeup and hair styling and dressing prior to the event. The Model Chair will provide a list of dates and activities to each participating model.

Will there be a designated forum or other way to swap costume pieces with other models?

We have a limited amount of modeled costumes and pieces, therefore it is doubtful that there is anything available. If you know people with costumes that may be used, please let the Model Committee know. That may be very helpful. If you have a specific need, we suggest you contact the Model Chair who is willing to help you or find someone who can.

Will there by any time to practice for the runway?

Yes, there will time to practice. This will be announced at a later date. You will also receive tips and tricks from a model coach and experienced models. You can also practice at home. Please don’t overthink it. There is such a thing as practicing too much.

Will someone be taking pictures at the event?

PBH partners with several professional photographers to photograph pre-event festivities such as Model Fitting, Model School, and Artist & Model Mingle, as well as BLBW the night of the event. During the event, PBH will have one photographer to specifically take staged portraits of you in full costume. There will be several others taking photos of you, the runway show including you, on both runway and the floor, and of you with guests. These photographers are well acquainted with the event and are mindful that women are changing in the model room. Please remember, the Model Agreement also includes a release, which allows PBH to use any and all photos taken in connection with the BLBW.

Can I take pictures with my phone at the event?

Yes. Please be mindful if you are in the model room and other people are changing. There may also be models who don’t want their photos taken or posted before they are in full costume.

When will photos from the night of the event be posted?

This depends on the photographer and the number of photos taken. Photos of guests and runway show will be posted on the PBH Website within 2-4 weeks of the show. The staged portraits of fully costumed models may take longer. PBH will notify you and send a link to the photos when they are posted.

Can my family volunteer for the event?

Yes, we will post a volunteer sign-up form on the BLBW website in September. PBH will recruit numerous volunteers for a variety of jobs, some of which will be volunteer and others may earn a ticket to the event. Please keep in mind that volunteering for many positions during the event means your family members will be working, and depending on the job, they most likely will not get to see the entire show.

After my runway walk, can i go out and see my family?

All runway models are sequestered backstage until after you have been on the runway. You then will be seated to view the balance of the show. When the entire runway show is finished, you will have some time to go out, see your family, and take some photos. The after party dance begins about 10 minutes after the show ends. Don’t forget to leave yourself enough time to change, carefully place your bra in the box it came in, and meet your family at the party. The art bras are auctioned, they do not belong to the models.

Can I wear my bra and costume to the after party?

Only if you own the entire costume and the art bra was purchased specifically for you.



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