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Improving Senior Mammography Rates

PBH and the Area Agency on Aging are teaming up to educate senior women about breast cancer screening guidelines and to encourage them to continue their annual mammograms. PBH believes all women should have access to regular screening mammograms as long as they and their health care providers decide it’s best based on their risk of breast cancer.

Breast cancer risk increases with age, and mammography doesn’t appear to be less effective in women 70 and older. Many major health organizations, including the American Cancer Society, recommend women ages 70 and older continue to get mammograms on a regular basis as long as they are in good health.

Some women may stop routine breast cancer screening due to poor health. Women who have one or more serious health problems may not benefit enough from having breast cancer found early to justify screening.
However, women who are in good health and could benefit from treatment (if breast cancer were found) should continue to get mammograms. If you aren’t sure whether you should continue getting mammograms, talk with your health care provider.

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