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If my art bra is selected for the show, will I receive free admission to The Bright Lights of Bra-Way event?

The Bright Lights of Bra-Way (BLBW) is first and foremost a charity fundraiser, and ticket sales are a crucial piece to achieving our fundraising goal each year. However, we so appreciate your art and gift to PBH we will issue one free admission to artists whose art bras have been selected for the event’s Runway and Silent Auction. In addition, if your art bra has been chosen to be featured in the Live Auction portion of the event’s Runway Show, you will be awarded two tickets to the Bright Lights of Bra-Way event. The number of art bras selected for Live Auction is subject to change each year and generally ranges between four and six.

Can I submit more than one art bra?

Yes, you are permitted to submit more than one art bra. If you are considering doing so, please note: We may receive many more art bras than we can use, and while this makes us very happy and immensely grateful, it also increases the competitiveness of our selection pool. We will only choose 30 art bras and only up to 25 of these will be modeled on the runway.

To increase the probability of your art bra’s selection, we strongly recommend each artist focus his or her time, energy, and talents into one design and making one spectacular art bra for the show.

If any artists are chosen to submit more than one art bra, the artist need only fill out ONE Artist Application Form. On your form, please provide distinct and clearly identified answers for EACH art bra submitted. Additionally, please make sure you identify and label which art bra is which in your Delivery Sheet. Below is an example of how to complete the ‘About Your Art Bra’ section of the artist entry form.

Example – If you made two art bras, one named “Warrior” and the other named ”Rising Phoenix,” your form’s answers would look something like this:

Title of Art Bra: (1.) Warrior; (2.) Rising Phoenix
Value of Art Bra: (1.) Warrior: $400; (2.) Rising Phoenix: $150
What materials/medium did you use to create the piece? (1.) Warrior: For “Warrior” I used this, that, and that, etc.; (2.) Rising Phoenix: In creating “Rising Phoenix” I used this, that, and that, etc.

What was the inspiration for your design? (1.) Warrior: I was inspired by this, that, and that.; (2.) Rising Phoenix: My inspiration behind “Rising Phoenix” was this, that, and that, etc. and so on….

When will I find out if my art bra has made the show?

All completed Art Bra submissions are due by August 7, 2020. Of the artists submitting completed Art Bras by the deadline, up to 25 will be modeled in the show and six will be chosen to be part of the runway live-auction. All of the artists’ information (cards, flyers, etc.) may be available on the silent auction table if you submit them to PBH before the event. Artists whose art bras will not be modeled on the runway or placed in the Silent Auction will be notified during the final weeks leading up to the show if not sooner. All artists will be notified of selection for the show during the week of August 17. Artists chosen for the live auction will be notified of this selection during hte week of September 15.

Why did my art bra not make the show?

Our Art Bra Panel of designers and artists reviews all of the design submissions and chooses those that are most appropriate for our show. The Art Bra Panel comes to their decision through a variety of factors including, but not limited to, the art bra’s story, quality, originality, if it fits within a recurring theme of other art bras, and overall design. Their decision is always a difficult one. We appreciate your understanding and acceptance of the art bra selection process. The same is true if your art bra is not selected to be live auctioned or to be modeled on the runway.

I don’t live in Amarillo, Texas, but I’d like to still submit an art bra. Is this possible?

Yes, you can! BLBW plans to feature art bras from artists from all over the country! As long as you can consent to each statement in the Artist Rules & Guidelines, you are able to participate as an artist for BLBW. We invite all participating Art Bra Artists to attend our Artist & Model Mingle in mid-September (during which time artists are introduced to the Art Bra Models who will wear their Art Bra), as well as purchase tickets for the big event. While Art Bra Artists are encouraged to attend these events, we understand some artists will be geographically limited in their ability to participate.

What does it take to be featured on BLBW ‘25 Days of Artists’ blog?

Each Bra Artist (or group of artists) with an Art Bra in the runway show will be highlighted in our ‘25 Days of Artists’ blog series through the months leading up to the event. We will highlight the artistry and art bra design of either an individual or group of Art Bra Artists in our show. Please remember, the information you give us on your Application Form is what we know. Please give detailed information that enables PBH to represent you and your art or business appropriately and well.

How do I make an art bra if I don’t know what size the Art Bra Model will be?

We recommend using a bra size in the range of 36B – 44C, and 42D. We ask for this range for several reasons. First, the final size of the bra almost always shrinks from the glue, fabric or other added materials an artist uses in his or her design. Secondly, many Art Bra Models have had reconstructive surgery and now wear a larger-sized bra. And lastly, it is much easier for Alterations to size down an art bra to fit a particular model, than to try to make it bigger.

Do I have to make the actual undergarment, or can I start with a commercially purchased bra?

Artists may choose to make the actual undergarment, but are not required to do so. The majority of art submissions made use store bought undergarments. No matter what you decide, please remember that the base of your creation must be new and unused.

If I know a survivor who is willing to model my art bra, can I design my art bra specifically for her?

Yes! Make sure your model submits her application when we open the Model Call. Please make sure you both indicate that you are working together and she will be modeling your Art Bra. We will make that note and ensure that your Art Bra and model are connected.



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