Bling! Spring! Life! Hope!

by Lois Hammil

I've been the daughter of a cancer patient (twice), the aunt, niece and cousin of cancer patients and now a survivor myself! I chose hot pink, teal and "Bling" in honor of my daughter Hope who provided amazing care for me following a double mastectomy and throughout chemo, when she was just 17. She has loved these bright colors and "Bling" almost from birth! The pink ribbon points directly to Breast Cancer Prevention, detection and treatment, the butterflies represent a changed and more beautiful life. The flower reminds me of spring and new life. My mother fought breast cancer in the 1980s and I battled it in 2013: My goodness things have changed for the better! My fight was incredibly easier than my mothers and I am grateful! Although I would never wish this disease on anyone, I believe God brought many blessings into my life because of Cancer. I have hope for an amazing grace filled life no matter what...cancer recurrence or total cancer cure! Be Strong! Live Honestly and with Dignity! Let your Faith be bigger than your fear!



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